Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sketchbook Madness

Some play from my sketchbook.


Pat said...

I dig this stuff!
Awesome! I like these sketches, you actually FINISH them, (unlike me..I know, I suck that way.)
Cant wait to see that manly bathroom!
Wait...that sounded wrong....

Shawn said...

HA! Yeah... "Finish". You're the ultimate Mr. Sketchbook. The rest of us are only pretenders, Pat.

Bathroom's open. "The Duke" awaits your arrival. By the time you get here, maybe I'll have the Squint Eastwood UNFORGIVEN marquee that I want to keep Mr. Wayne company in there.

Pat said...

"The Duke?"
I have the Duke in my bathroom!
Did you ever see the City Council Productions short film by the same name?

Shawn said...

Yes. Big framed print of Mr. Wayne watches over all.

No, I haven't seen that flick.