Friday, July 13, 2007

Ideation 5 - Trajectory

I liked this chick. In the script, one of the women was called "Lumina", so initially, I envisioned her as this beautiful, multi-racial, light, flowery, tree-hugging, earth mother with a "celt" hairstyle and henna or woad on her face/body and some kind of light-based powers. Some where in the process, "Lumina" became Natasha and this woman became "Trajectory", an Asian-American speedster with this sort of tracer-effect streaming off the beads in her hair. Also included here, one of my scribbles for a possible color scheme of the costumes, once I was told they were to be Luthor's colors -- purple and green. I originally had them in different colors. Sticking with the purple and green thing, I pictured them maybe in deep, purple and green leather or something.

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