Friday, August 26, 2011

In Stores Now.

I haven't seen the final physical product, but I see DEATH VALLEY is now available for sale. I was pretty stoked to do this with Keith when we were first going back and forth on it, but by the time we got rolling I had too many scheduling conflicts with the paying gigs and just couldn't finish in any kind of timely fashion.

I penciled and inked the first 33 pages or so (with a great deal of help from my wife, Terri. Thanks, Dear!) a couple covers and a pin-up and such, and then Tom Nguyen took over the art chores. Tom's scheduled clogged up and Mariano came along and did the pinch-hitting! Keith went and got the whole thing colored, which was an unexpected bonus.

Moose Baumann did the darn spiffy colors on the cover above and the logo was courtesy of my buddy, Mick Koller, and my wife (thanks, again, Dear!)!