Friday, July 13, 2007

Ideation - Natasha

Digging around and found some stuff from my sketchbook where I was working up some ideas for Luthor's team, appearing in DC Comics' "52" #9. All of this stuff pretty much went out the window, in the end, as wires were crossed and we didn't realize Keith had a fairly specific design in mind for their costumes, which is reflected in the later sketches with the "L" motif and pretty much what was seen finally in the actual book. Here are some of my sketches for Natasha. As mentioned in an earlier post, I was operating under the mistaken assumption that Natasha had aged since I'd last seen her in print. Also, since she was now to be powered-up by some nefarious Luthor experiment, I went with the idea that she was going to be a buff, She-Hulk/Wonder Woman-type. I also wanted to reflect that she was sort of "power mad" with this newfound strength and was feeling rebellious.
As always, click for larger view, if you so wish.

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