Saturday, January 31, 2009

As Requested...

As requested in the Comments section, here are a couple more concept sketches I did for a Starcraft comic.

Note, however, when it's related to a project, I will typically only post stuff that has either A) already been published or B) has been outright rejected or C) was just something I was doodling around with when I was coming up with ideas and doesn't give anything away ahead of time.

In this case, this is the original page from my sketchbook of Nuura, that was used in the published preview that is already floating around the internet.

The ship was an earlier version that I was dinking around with. When I was working on it, somebody had asked for "something like Serenity" and this was deemed "too much like Serenity". I think it must've been the rotating thruster things on sides. I think they're pretty cool, in general, but they certainly aren't exclusive to the ship in Firefly, as I think you can see similar design elements in Star Wars, Bladerunner and various other sci-fi. Either way, I guess ya gotta start somewhere.

As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, they opted for another direction with the book and the original creative team is no longer involved, but down the road, when the new book does hit stands, I'll post more of the art that I did when I was on the project. I've seen colored versions of some covers and pinups that I drew that I thought turned out pretty sweet, so I'd think you might be seeing some solicits before too long.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well past time for a new post.