Monday, March 24, 2008


Some more random play from my sketchbooks. Monsters!

Some may question my sanity or maybe figure I had a bad childhood, since my doodlings quite often drift toward the grotesque or disturbing. When I finally gave it some thought, I think I know where most of it comes from.

When I was a tiny kid, my uncle and I used to stay up late and watch horror movies on a show with Dr. Sanguinary. The stuff would scare me absolutely silly, and I would lay in bed at night with the sweats, holding my breath. The ghouls were just outside the window, peeking in, or under the bed, or there, in the closet. Monstrous noses, bulbous eyes, and cadaverous hands boiled from the thick, black dark, until I'd finally pass out, either from exhaustion or just lack of air. However, I just couldn't get enough. So many sweet childhood memories of my uncle in the chair, eating popcorn, laughing at me, while I huddled behind the footstool, stealing glimpses of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, jr. or The Blob. So, thanks Unc!! HA!

Some of these sketches were for projects that didn't go anywhere (particularly the nazis) others were just for fun.

Dream gig = Generating this shit for Hollywood money!



PAT said...

Dude, great monsters, That first sheet should be titled. "the No lips club." I liked the 3rd one.
And the other sheet with the guy and the little robot arms is cool!
I too share some fond childhood memories of watching old horror movies. My dad would buy my brother and I junk food and try and scare us out of watching the movie, then he'd say "I warned you." and turn it on.
movies like the original Thing, and the Fly "heelp meeeee." ugh. And you cant go wrong with the Blob!
Now I know what movies to bring to the studio when you come by some day!

shawn moll said...

HA! "No lips club". Thanks.

I had 6-7 old horror movies on the dvr from when AMC had a 3-day marathon. I couldn't get around to watching them and finally had to get rid of most of them. CARNIVAL OF SOULS and THE FLESH EATERS were two that I still want to catch again.

I did, however, keep MAGIC. I've never seen that movie. When I was a kid, that commercial used to send me running. Anthony Hopkins and that damn creepy dummy!! I'm *going* to watch that one, one of these days!

P.S. Do these images look "washed out" on your monitor? My monitor is an old, old POS and I can't calibrate it anymore. When I look at this stuff on my wife's fancy monitor, it looks washed out.

BAM_VP said...

You're getting pretty good at this aren't you? Nice work Shawn. The Hollywood money is coming-keep working it'll happen.