Monday, March 3, 2008

Mimetic Poly-alloy

Here's a little "behind-the-scenes" for ya. The first image is the final pencil version of a page from #26. The second image is what I had drawn originally. In the script, Peter had written "flat like a spear" to describe her hand. Since Jaz is a shape-shifter, I mistakenly thought he was making a reference to TERMINATOR 2, so that's how I drew it. He was actually asking for a good, old-fashioned "spear hand" or "kwan soo" from martial arts, to illustrate how badass our girl Jaz was.

Also notice that I'd screwed up and drawn pants on She-Hulk in the last panel, originally... Thankfully, he caught that, too.

I was moving pretty fast when I did this page, but ultimately, it had some stuff I really dug. Favorite parts of this page include the cold look on Jazinda's face when she impales him and then panel 3 when she walks past the soaking wet, stunned Jen and tells her "I'll be in the car." Oh, and Jaz's hand on his shoulder in panel 1.


S.S.Christo said...

Jaz turned stone-cold at the end of that issue. You certainly did a good job showing that. It makes you think twice about trusting her, I tells ya.

And how dare you draw pants on She-Hulk!? :)

Shawn said...

SORRY!! heh.