Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blowing Off The Dust

Doing some housekeeping on my harddrives and found these pages from a "project that almost was". These are the first six pages I drew for the WildStorm "Starcraft" series written by Keith Giffen and inked by Doug Mahnke, before we were all removed from the book, for whatever reason. I don't know why I only have the three scans of the black and white art, so I've included some of color previews that I had. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any record of who did the colors. :(


ANMPH said...

Looks like a real bummer these were never done. Did these pages ever get published or no?

shawn moll said...

I don't know. All I've seen in print are the covers I'd done, a pin-up and some of the character designs.