Monday, October 6, 2008


Another successful MCBA Fall Con comes and goes. Nick and the gang put on another great show! Spent the weekend sketching, chatting with comic fans and hanging with my boys, Doug, Tom, and Pat, in addition to our friends from out East, Pete Tomasi and Keith Champagne. A great time was had, with a whole lotta laughs. Thanks, guys!

On a related note, the MCBA had an entire set of sketch cards done for the event. MCBA sketch card gallery.

Here are scans of my contributions.


Ryan said...

Sounds like it was a blast. I was really hoping to make it up this year, but my bachelor party was scheduled for the same weekend. I know all of the guys from my shop had a ton of fun this year, though (you may remember us from last year...we were the guys from Iowa hovering around your table forever...I was the short one that bought an Outsiders page from you).

shawn moll said...

Bachelor party... Sounds like you got married!
I talked to one of your crew (recognized his face, but always space the name... Dan, maybe?) and saw another talking to Pat (the teacher... Todd?).
Tried Googling your website, last year, but had no luck (League of Just Us?). One of you will have to give me the direct link, sometime.
Congrats on the nuptials!

Ryan the Iowan said...

The wedding is in two weeks (and coming up way to fast!). Thanks for the congrats!

You were right on about Todd, but I'm thinking the other guy was Rob. There were a few of us last year, and I'm pretty sure Rob and Todd were the ones that were with me when I was at your table. The site for our group is, but it's not updated very often. You are better off just going to our message boards

shawn moll said...

Excellent. Thanks.
In the photo on the home page, right side, third guy from the bottom, brown shirt, big grin.

Ryan the Iowan said...

Yup, that's Rob. That's what I figured.

PAT said...

just saw these, cool man!