Monday, July 28, 2008


Finally got back some SHE-HULK originals from Marvel. Sent a bunch of scans from issue #24 to my rep and they will be available for sale as he updates the gallery with them. Booyah!
Inks: Olazaba
*EDIT* There is currently no longer any "gallery" for original art. Anybody interested in a particular page can contact me either by posting a comment here on the blog or Private Message me on Twitter.


Dan said...

"I wonder how Shawn is doing lately"

"I wonder if my blog still works"

"Oh look, I have a link to Shawn's blog on MY blog!"


shawn moll said...

VJ LEVLHED. What's up?

You see that Ed Duncan was an extra in DARK KNIGHT?

Dan said...

Yes! Though I didn't actually see him anywhere in the movie...kind of hard to see anything other than the principle characters in that one. I'd have to know exactly at where in the movie he is and put it in slo-mo